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Beer Styles

The classic beer styles all originate from the northern part of central and Western Europe, but today those styles are brewed with skill around the world.

As more breweries open and more beers are introduced or available in new markets, consumers may feel overwhelmed. Understanding beer starts with understanding style.

Below are links to all documents related to beer styles. View the list of links to beer style definitions, and documents grouped by style.

Beer Styles Document Index
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- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive
Don't fight: Just choose ten great beers from Germany MAY 12, 2003
Standing up to be counted
The empire strikes back MAR 3, 2003
Ethnic beers in Britain
A diplomatic drink JULY 9, 2002
Kisses, oats and stouts FEB 19, 2002
New York and London say it with beer DEC 10, 2001
Can a Pils have an American accent? NOV 1, 2001
Judging at the world's best beer festival
How Bert Grant Saved The World AUG 3, 2001
Bold beers were the perfect weapon
Beyond the barmaid's smile ... my quest for a visionary's beer APR 1, 2001
Coming for the holidays... NOV 6, 2000
America's first 'Cave Beer'
Judging at the GABF OCT 10, 2000
Estonian, Finnish...and Orcadian SEPT 1, 2000
Going for Gose AUG 31, 2000
Reporting live from Leipzig, on a major new brewpub reviving a classic style
The new beer-drinkers JAN 18, 2000
The story behind a quiet revolution and a look at 10 hop spots
On the trail of Santa's brew DEC 1, 1999
The agricultural tradition of winter and Christmas beers has enjoyed a revival in recent years
Belgium's Great Beers JULY 30, 1999
Your guide to enjoying the country and its beers
Nothing ordinary about elderberry brews MAR 21, 1999
On dark beers and aphrodisiacs FEB 13, 1999
How to save a beer style JULY 1, 1998
There is no set procedure, but it starts with writing about it
Black Brit beers take top gongs in Moscow MAR 1, 1998
High on Low Country beer FEB 28, 1998
Michael Jackson's expert guide to Belgian brews
Bread of heaven beer in Russia's post-red snows FEB 1, 1998
Heavy gravity, man JAN 10, 1998
Michael Jackson comes on strong about barley wine.
Brown ale and bike-barmy Belgians OCT 1, 1997
What were once very local beers are now widely sold as something special
Tasting a new Lambic on the Belgian Cam SEPT 1, 1997
Willem joins the ranks of blenders making an endangered beer style
Lassi comes home AUG 9, 1997
IPA is so-called from the days when shiploads of British beer were sent to expatriates In the Indian empire
Top glass AUG 2, 1997
Of all the bars in all the world - here's what's best to drink.
Let them drink beer JULY 12, 1997
Ginger spice JUNE 21, 1997
How herbs and spices ginger up beer
Belgian breakfast MAR 29, 1997
Joys from the black stuff MAR 1, 1997
Why beer is best FEB 22, 1997
Ale is probably the world's most misunderstood drink
Winter's ale DEC 28, 1996
Salty trail of Germany's link with wild beer OCT 1, 1996
Leipzig is said to have boasted 80 Gose houses in 1900
A pint of cloudy, please MAY 25, 1996
British brewers take to making wheat beers
Japan's beer turns turtle - even in the land of Ninja MAY 1, 1996
Copper-bottom ales halt lager tide in Germany APR 1, 1996
For Diebels, an "old" style means new business
The birth of lager MAR 1, 1996
Brewed in March, matured until September
Ale and hearty FEB 24, 1996
Where France and Belgium meet, grapes, apples and cherries rub sholders with malting barley and hops; haute cuisine embraces Germanic heartiness; wine smooches with beer.
Sahti - rural beer with a great Finnish JAN 1, 1996
It's very drinkable, indeed, at the only pub in the world it's offered on draught
The road to red Oktober SEPT 1, 1995
What color were Anton Dreher's first lager brews?
Ale lovers must learn to say the dreaded 'L' word SEPT 1, 1995
'Traditional' beer has different meaning in different beer cultures
Prague: twinned with Burton-upon-Trent JUNE 3, 1995
Why Germans celebrate a Bock's Fizz APR 1, 1995
Sweating up a suitable thirst APR 1, 1995
The brewer's Lenten fare MAR 4, 1995
With Lent upon us, I have been seeking a beer appropriate to this observance, and found it in the high street
Porter casts a long shadow on ale history MAR 1, 1995
Make mine a magnum of handsome ale DEC 3, 1994
Bigger bottles make stylish presents for a beer-lover
Trad ale in Finland keeps its Pedda up NOV 1, 1994
World's oldest beer style is back - thanks to a Lammi vegetable grower
Enjoy chocolate by the pint OCT 29, 1994
Chocolate in beer, beer in chocolate, and points between
Finns get all steamed up over sahti OCT 1, 1994
Bavarian beers for all seasons SEPT 17, 1994
Munich's Oktoberfest is a good excuse to visit the city and its Alpine hinterland
Appellations of a different nature MAY 21, 1994
In the British Isles, regional differences may surpass importance of designations of origin
Indulge in the Bavarian Weiss APR 2, 1994
Smoke 'em of you got 'em JAN 22, 1994
Michael Jackson travels from Alaska to Sainsbury's to toast a strange brew that gets its flavour from smoking over a log fire
Holland's giant cleans up its act - on the quiet NOV 1, 1993
Barking up the right tree with Alsatian beers JUNE 1, 1993
Original Bock: the beer the doctor ordered MAY 1, 1993
Bock brings the Germans rushing to the beer garden APR 1, 1993
Real Guinness may die - but the yeast lives on ... MAR 1, 1993
The beer drinker's malt whisky FEB 6, 1993
Michael Jackson reports on the flavour of the month.
Last word in ale in land of rising yeast SEPT 1, 1992
Europe's stylish summer whites JUNE 6, 1992
Hoegaarden is "white," spiced and fermented from wheat -- in the medieval fashion, says Michael Jackson
Apples and black treacle in a real winter warmer NOV 2, 1991
Michael Jackson selects, as his beer of the month, Gale's Prize Old Ale; strong and spicy, hinting of calvados and full of earthy perfumes
Bavaria's best advice is -- try the Weiss SEPT 1, 1991
Michael Jackson visits Erdinger to taste weiss for all seasons
How Scot's yeast made a Belgian classic ale AUG 1, 1991
It was a draught idea to put it in a can MAY 4, 1991
Tasting notes on a new range of canned beers and ales that attempt to capture the flavour of the local pub
Would Minnie like wheat ale? MAY 1, 1991
Lovers of British mild will also enjoy a drop from Bavaria
A seasonal search for the phantom of brewing APR 1, 1991
A saintly glass with the brothers of barley MAR 1, 1991
Chastity, poverty and a pint FEB 2, 1991
They don't talk about it much, but Trappist monks have been brewing good strong beer for ages, writes Michael Jackson
The perfect pint for a chilly night DEC 1, 1990
Michael Jackson explores the cellars of Suffolk in search of the secrets that make winter ales a seasonal special
Flexing my mussels in the Rare Fox OCT 1, 1990
Spices can catch you on the hop ... MAY 1, 1990
It's up, up and away to drink smoked porter out on the ice FEB 1, 1990
Younger, Milder image for the workers of beer MAY 1, 1989
Trying to find a pearl of truth in oyster stout MAY 1, 1988
LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive

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