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Recently tasted, at the newish Climax micro-brewery, Roselle Park, New Jersey.

Three complex but easily drinkable beers:

ESB: Attractive medium-amber color, with dense head. Light to medium body, smooth. Clean, soft, malty start. Developing honeyish notes and finishing with a late, dry, subtle, hoppiness.

IPA: Bronze. Medium body. Smooth, layered, malt background; very long. Late, soft development of hop character. As the style suggests, a hoppier beer, but remarkably well balanced and complex.

Porter: Deep brown to black. Medium body, soft, very smooth, slightly oily. Nutty, with lots of chocolate and some coffee. Beautifully rounded. Made with nine grains, as a nod to Porter's predecessor Entire.

Climax Brewing, 112 Valley Road, Roselle Park, New Jersey 07204. 908-620-9585.

Published Online: OCT 1, 1997
Published in Print: OCT 1, 1997
In: Beer Hunter Online

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