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1998 Real Ale Festival

Oct 16-17, 1998 - Chicago, Illinois, United States
Contact Name: Ray Daniels
Phone: 773-665-1300

Michael Jackson will be attending this event.

This year's festival will featured more than 100 casks of real ale from England and America as well as bottle-conditioned beers, special tastings, British pub food, live entertainment and more.

This year there will be an opportunity for attendees to have a hands-on experience with cask ale. Special stations will be set up where they can use a beer engine to fill their own glass, and there will be an attendee cask tapping event, where an actual firkin full of beer will be tapped using a large wooden mallet. In addition, keg and cask versions of the same beers will be served side-by-side.

The first National Brew-on-Premise Brewing Competition will be held in conjunction with the Real Ale Festival on October 16-18 in Chicago, according to an announcement from New Hampshire BOP Red, White & Brew, Inc.owner, Steve Friedman. Approximately 18 categories will be judged. The beers will be judged by BJCP-certified judges already at the Real Ale Festival, and Michael Jackson has agreed to serve as judge for the Best of Show aspect of the competition. Marty Nachel, 708-532-5247.

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