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Brenda Fogg writes: Hi Beerhunter, hoping you can help me track something down. Quite a long time ago (maybe 15 years?) I think there was in your Beer Guide a photograph that I am now losing sleep over acquiring. I've looked through all your current books and haven't seen it again — It's a shot from 1930's Dorset, England, taken in a local pub, and features a group of elderly gentlemen sat all in a row with pints in front of them. It's titled "The Lads from the Village" and has a line written in underneath about their combined ages. A copy of this photo hangs in the Rose and Crown in Bradford Abbas, and I saw another in Sydney in Lord Nelson's Pub. If you can tell me in which edition of your guide you included this photo (can I order previous editions of your books?) or better yet, where oh where I could get a copy of the photo itself, I would be eternally grateful. - Brenda

This answer comes from Owen Barstow, Michael Jackson's research assistant: "The Lads of The Village, 1934" is reproduced across two pages (pp. 154/5) in Michael Jackson's book "The World Guide to Beer" (published in 1977); It also appears (pp.150/1) in "The New World Guide to Beer" (1988).


The images was widely used by the British brewer, Eldridge Pope, during the 1960s and 70s, and the copy used by Michael was given to him by Eldridge Pope around 1974.

We still have the copy in our file and I have scanned it for you and attached it herewith.

We would be very interested to learn from where the Lord Nelson acquired their copy.

I hope this helps, thank you so much for you interest in Michael's work.


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