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Large brewers have the skills to make distinctive beers, but often the most interesting beers and the most interesting stories come from small breweries.

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- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive
The empire strikes back MAR 3, 2003
Ethnic beers in Britain
Why Dollar celebrates tonight JAN 25, 2003
Santa Claus upstaged by new Eisbock DEC 17, 2002
HopDevil wins at GBBF AUG 7, 2002
The British aren't coming - Is this our message to the world? JUNE 8, 2002
Here's my take on a Top Ten American beers JUNE 4, 2002
Kisses, oats and stouts FEB 19, 2002
Dorothy Goodbody's the girl for me FEB 11, 2002
Spring beer winners JAN 31, 2002
Glass of '47 JAN 23, 2002
Here's what they did with the beer JAN 23, 2002
They called it Double Scotch
Prague abbey's new brewpub offers classic lagers JAN 7, 2002
Thanking God for a 'precious' beer DEC 15, 2001
Notes from my tasting room: Starting with Samichlaus NOV 7, 2001
The Rockies' rival to Rodenbach OCT 24, 2001
Pink Elephants: Now I'm seeing two of them SEPT 1, 2001
James Squire Porter SEPT 1, 2001
Herold Bohemian Black Lager AUG 31, 2001
Vrak AUG 21, 2001
A tale of two countries AUG 1, 2001
Mash Beer JULY 25, 2001
Zero is a hero JULY 13, 2001
American brew wins in London
Popping corks in Antwerp JULY 2, 2001
Behind the mystery of Grolsch JULY 1, 2001
Dutch brewery begins to send some of its seasonal offerings to Britain
Gulpener Korenwolf JUNE 19, 2001
Scottish island's summer brew beats British 'Belgians' and 'Germans' JUNE 1, 2001
Das feine Hofmark Pilsener MAY 22, 2001
Taking the waters? MAY 21, 2001
How a country brewery became a giant
Blessed by Playboy APR 17, 2001
Washington hosts historic tasting of British and Irish classics APR 6, 2001
If you were there, what did you think?
Casta Morena APR 2, 2001
American brewer's Irish beer wins in Britain MAR 14, 2001
Franciscans do well for St Patrick's
Czeching out the harvest MAR 11, 2001
Pilsen and Budweis are cities in Bohemia...but the great barley comes from the state next door
Wellington County Iron Duke MAR 2, 2001
Having a smashing time... MAR 1, 2001
Shannon and the secret sisterhood FEB 19, 2001
In search of the sexiest brew FEB 1, 2001
A champion beer for Burns' Night JAN 24, 2001
Washington rally for Belgian beer JAN 22, 2001
St Bernardus Tripel JAN 21, 2001
Notes from my tasting room DEC 31, 2000
Winter beers
Hoepfner Porter DEC 30, 2000
Coming for the holidays... NOV 6, 2000
America's first 'Cave Beer'
From Ford cars to pints of Engine Oil NOV 2, 2000
A new winter ale from Scotland
Lion Stout NOV 1, 2000
Some beers for Halloween OCT 29, 2000
Judging at the GABF OCT 10, 2000
News: Samichlaus is back OCT 4, 2000
Notes from the road, October, 2000
James Squire Amber Ale OCT 1, 2000
Maisel's Weisse Original AUG 31, 2000
Updates from August 2000 AUG 18, 2000
A Dublin pub opens in London, plus notes from my tasting room
How a Mild beat the Bitters AUG 2, 2000
The inside story on the Champion Beer of Britain
Malheur JULY 31, 2000
Notes from the road, July 2000 JULY 15, 2000
Arctic devil of a job JULY 1, 2000
January in Alaska: Part II
Herold Svelte JUNE 29, 2000
Extreme beers JUNE 1, 2000
No beer-loving visitor to Auckland should miss Galbraith's Alehouse
Wittekerke MAY 31, 2000
Notes from my tasting room, May 2000 MAY 23, 2000
Come try more than 20 beers from 7 countries
A few words from the Exalted Ruler MAY 1, 2000
January in Alaska: Part I
Berliner Bürgerbräu Maibock MAY 1, 2000
A strong springtime beer from the lakes
Gulpener Dort APR 1, 2000
Inscrutable brew APR 1, 2000
The search for Brewery Number One and some answers about Tsingtao
Famous Seamus celebrates St Paddy's MAR 17, 2000
Scullions Cask Ale judged Supreme Champion of Ireland independents
Greene King's Olde Suffolk FEB 1, 2000
Winter classic still made by blending old and young beers
Beers for Burns JAN 22, 2000
How about a Heather Ale on the poet's birthday?
Notes from my tasting room, January 2000 JAN 18, 2000
Warming beers for a mid-winter night
Millennium ales from British breweries DEC 1, 1999
On the trail of Santa's brew DEC 1, 1999
The agricultural tradition of winter and Christmas beers has enjoyed a revival in recent years
Grimbergen Double NOV 9, 1999
But what about Australian beer? NOV 1, 1999
The Australians feel compelled to ask, but riled by a candid answer
The best beers for Thanksgiving NOV 1, 1999
This particular day of observance prays for a beer, and U.S. has many to offer
Mahr's Bräu Ungespundet hefetrüb SEPT 10, 1999
Cristal Alken SEPT 7, 1999
A Czech-style classic from Belgium
Kapuziner Gold SEPT 2, 1999
Visiting the brand-new Trappist brewery SEPT 1, 1999
Tasting the latest from Brother Thomas
Notes from my tasting room, September 1999 SEPT 1, 1999
Come try beers from nine different countries
Britfest champ sets record AUG 4, 1999
Tasting notes from the Great British Beer Festival
Bokbier Fest AUG 1, 1999
When faced with 50-plus beers, Alfa is a good place to start
Say it again, Sam JULY 1, 1999
On stage with the poet-brewer March 28 and 31 in Philadelphia (see Events), I recall our first meeting
Poperings Hommel Bier JULY 1, 1999
Nothing boring about these American beers JUNE 12, 1999
They are from every part of the U.S., and some have found their way to Britain
Fortification at 'The Gibraltar of the North' JUNE 1, 1999
Big and rich beers from Finland's 'Suomenlinnan Panimo'
Worthington White Shield JUNE 1, 1999
Notes from my tasting room, March 1999 MAR 24, 1999
Come try 23 beers from eight countries
Nothing ordinary about elderberry brews MAR 21, 1999
Notes from the road December 1998 JAN 30, 1999
Belgian styles, refreshing lagers and plenty more from small breweries
Notes from the road: London, Glasgow DEC 5, 1998
Farewell, Santa Claus DEC 5, 1998
Classic Samichlaus felled by accountants and marketing men
Notes from the road: Antwerp DEC 5, 1998
Apparent death of Santa Claus DEC 1, 1998
Beers for all occasions OCT 10, 1998
My latest book presents brews according to the mood and moment
From Seattle to Minnesota, with stops between OCT 9, 1998
GABF Notes: Delights from a brewery in hop country OCT 5, 1998
GABF Tasting Notes: Oct. 5, 1998, Seattle, Washington
Taking English ales to Germany SEPT 1, 1998
Then rounding off a day of diverse tastes in the local pubs
Looking for a good small brewery? AUG 1, 1998
Despite all noise to the contrary, many make money ... and interesting beer
Finding flavor in Florida AUG 1, 1998
From airports to theme parks, decent beers popping up everywhere
Pale and hearty JULY 11, 1998
Michael Jackson on the return of a classic pale ale, ditched by Bass, rescued by its loyal drinkers
Visiting the aley everglades JULY 1, 1998
Suddenly, Florida offers beer with character in some unlikely surroundings
Beer in Mr Edo's era JUNE 1, 1998
Catching up with an old brewing friend in Japan
Catching up in Russia MAY 1, 1998
International beers dominate competition in Moscow
Porter! Take me to the castle of Dr Hoepfner ... APR 1, 1998
Black Brit beers take top gongs in Moscow MAR 1, 1998
Pints of chocolate FEB 14, 1998
Dublin - stout in hand - makes a perfect spot for a romantic weekend
Porter and kvass in St. Petersburg FEB 1, 1998
Heavy gravity, man JAN 10, 1998
Michael Jackson comes on strong about barley wine.
Michael Jackson's report on the winners of this year's Great British Beer Festival OCT 1, 1997
Tasted recently on a wintry visit to Sweden OCT 1, 1997
More discoveries from the GABF, and hot homebrews too OCT 1, 1997
England's latest Ringwood yeast beers and other delights OCT 1, 1997
Two small beers from big brewers OCT 1, 1997
Notes from Denver and the GABF OCT 1, 1997
New offerings from Marston's and McMullen's OCT 1, 1997
A stocking-full of Christmas beers OCT 1, 1997
Six from the Netherlands OCT 1, 1997
Recently tasted, at the newish Climax micro-brewery, Roselle Park, New Jersey. OCT 1, 1997
Three heartland breweries OCT 1, 1997
Brown ale and bike-barmy Belgians OCT 1, 1997
What were once very local beers are now widely sold as something special
Two tasty recommendations from Michael Jackson OCT 1, 1997
Notes from Michael Jackson, on a visit to the Chicago area OCT 1, 1997
Positively the last of winter brews OCT 1, 1997
Newly tasted in Montana OCT 1, 1997
New tastes from Texas OCT 1, 1997
Flying Fish and High Point, in New Jersey OCT 1, 1997
Three winter latecomers from diverse locations OCT 1, 1997
Top glass AUG 2, 1997
Of all the bars in all the world - here's what's best to drink.
In the world of beer the Devil has all the best ales AUG 1, 1997
In Leuven, pursuit of the 'perfect Duvel' is taken quite seriously
New Zealand on my mind JULY 1, 1997
Where there were only 10 small breweries now there are 60
Ginger spice JUNE 21, 1997
How herbs and spices ginger up beer
Joys from the black stuff MAR 1, 1997
Finnish bar that will sell you a PUP... FEB 1, 1997
And visiting a brewer who, after raising four children, calls the brewery her 'new baby'
Porridge, cabers and stout... in Sweden JAN 1, 1997
Porter on prescription: that's what I call a real national health service JAN 1, 1997
A beery cure-all for nursing mothers and Royal toothache
Kid and the Bear Cub brew up a storm DEC 1, 1996
The Goodland island and its ancient beers DEC 1, 1996
Gotland has 60,000 people, 96 churches, and several hundred brewers
In search of the Witches' Brew OCT 1, 1996
An October favorite, Moorhouse's beer has year-round cult following
Salty trail of Germany's link with wild beer OCT 1, 1996
Leipzig is said to have boasted 80 Gose houses in 1900
Saintly Sam brews peach of a wild ale SEPT 1, 1996
Beer tops new heights up Fuji JUNE 1, 1996
Frontier spirit brought brew pub law change
A pint of cloudy, please MAY 25, 1996
British brewers take to making wheat beers
Japan's beer turns turtle - even in the land of Ninja MAY 1, 1996
Over the moon in the steps of brewing monks MAR 1, 1996
In the ruins of St. Gall we have the earliest layout of a brewery in Europe
The king of beers DEC 30, 1995
Lees' Harvest Ale stands the test of time
Heaven sent - downing oysters by the pint SEPT 9, 1995
Bushy's Oyster Stout revives a tasty tradition
Drink pink for summer JULY 8, 1995
Fruit beers may work for a picnic or as an aperitif
Prague: twinned with Burton-upon-Trent JUNE 3, 1995
Disaster city defies bombs and prohibition JUNE 1, 1995
Brewpubs bring beer relief to Bible belt
I'll drink to peace in our time, with a glass of Irish ale MAR 18, 1995
Caffrey's proves astonishingly seductive and a great success for Bass
Last of the summer beer OCT 1, 1994
Forget the national blands: try the firm, tasty seasonal ales
Scottish beer in full flower DEC 18, 1993
Heather ale, the secret weapon of the Picts, is still being brewed in Scotland, says Michael Jackson
Holland's giant cleans up its act -- on the quiet NOV 1, 1993
Heineken improves, and De Ridder endures
The glass of '93 blossoms early SEPT 18, 1993
Hop flowers only two weeks old are the secret of a new beer's fresh flavour, and Michael Jackson tasted love at his first pint
He's probably only here for the beer SEPT 4, 1993
Netheravon In Wiltshire has a new local brewer. His name is Stig Ander Andersen and he has taken over Bunce's Brewery. Now he's making Pigswill, says Michael Jackson
Why getting the wind up means the beer is good SEPT 1, 1993
Brewery founder dug deep to slake workers' thirsts
From toffee apples to a bass-baritone AUG 7, 1993
What does it take to make good beer great? Michael Jackson on that Extra something.
Barking up the right tree with Alsatian beers JUNE 1, 1993
The Name on Everyone's Lips APR 3, 1993
Timothy Taylor's bitter is the toast of the Great British Beer Festival says Michael Jackson
Brewery with its own abbey - it must be Ireland FEB 1, 1993
Long may the Speckled Hen range free JAN 2, 1993
Michael Jackson's Beer of the Month outlived the Abingdon MG car plant it commemorated and is now in demand all over England
Winter draughts that keep out the cold DEC 19, 1992
Fuller's of London even offers three winter ales
The Lion hunt ends in west Londo NOV 7, 1992
Once Michael Jackson had to cross mountains to get his hands on a favourite Sri Lankan beer. Now he sips it in Ealing
A working prince who keeps a royal head on his beer NOV 1, 1992
Paul Theakston is brewing again in Masham OCT 24, 1992
Michael Jackson hears what the vicar thinks of the new beer.
Burton Union gives Marstons its Pedigree SEPT 5, 1992
Heath Robinson would have been proud of the 'Burton Union', a yeast cultivatiing system that gives a complex, fruity, dryness to Michael Jackson's beer of the month.
Last word in ale in land of rising yeast SEPT 1, 1992
Drink the beer, swallow the tonic AUG 29, 1992
White Shield, one of the few real ales in a bottle, is now in supermarkets, says Michael Jackson
A great British beer tour AUG 15, 1992
Tested by pigeons, drunk by the landlord AUG 1, 1992
Michael Jackson is toasting Yorkshire Day with a Timothy Taylor's bitter - his Beer of the Month
Take a long, serious draught of sweet Liberty JULY 4, 1992
Michael Jackson's beer of the month is one of America's greatest brews, now available in Britain
Mine's a pint of Santa Claus DEC 7, 1991
Try this Michael Jackson chooses a powerful Swiss lager as his Beer of the Month
Apples and black treacle in a real winter warmer NOV 2, 1991
Michael Jackson selects, as his beer of the month, Gale's Prize Old Ale: strong and spicy, hinting of calvados and full of earthy perfumes
Apples and black treacle in a real winter warmer NOV 2, 1991
Michael Jackson selects, as his beer of the month, Gale's Prize Old Ale; strong and spicy, hinting of calvados and full of earthy perfumes
A Mild to Snap Your Braces At SEPT 7, 1991
For his beer of the month, Michael Jackson selects a low-alcohol brew from Walsall that goes down well with people who are not yuppie
Pleasures of consorting with the devil of a brew AUG 3, 1991
Michael Jackson enjoys Belgium's Duvel -- big on bouquet, long on finish
Flying the beer flag on Fourth of July JULY 1, 1991
What beery pleasures await the British tourist on his way to see the White House?
The perfect pint for a chilly night DEC 1, 1990
Michael Jackson explores the cellars of Suffolk in search of the secrets that make winter ales a seasonal special
The great American pub crawl (Part 2 of 2) SEPT 22, 1990
The conclusion of Michael Jackson's epic beer odyssey
Spices can catch you on the hop ... MAY 1, 1990
Younger, Milder image for the workers of beer MAY 1, 1989
Anchors up and away AUG 1, 1988
Looking back at when Anchor Steam headed to the U.K.
Nuclear bomb shelters and the world's strongest beers DEC 1, 1986
With Samichlaus newly revived, a look back at Michael Jackson's first full-length story on the beer, 14 years ago
LEGEND:   - New Articles By Michael Jackson
- Articles Recently Added to the Beer Hunter Archive

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