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Notes from Denver and the GABF

At the Great American Beer Festival, in Denver, while judging the final round for Belgian-style specialties, I was captivated by a sweet-and-sour raspberry beer. It had the color of blood-oranges, and was beautifully balanced, with a touch of almondy nuttiness. We judges (in this instance, two Brits, a Canadian, a Californian, an Oregonian and one from Washington State) awarded it a gold. The beer turned out to be the oddly spelled Red Radberry Ale, from the local Wynkoop brewpub. More notes from the festival over the next few weeks.

While I was in Denver, local home-brewer Peter Van Itallie asked me if I would have time to taste one of his beers: a California Common at the strength of a Barley Wine. My note: Slightly gushy and cloudy. Orangey color. Orange-peel flavors. Slightly syrupy. Dryish hop in the finish. My heartfelt apologies to two people who offered me serious-looking home brews in New York recently. I just did not have time to taste them, and could not carry them with me. Next time, perhaps.

Published Online: OCT 1, 1997
Published in Print: OCT 1, 1997
In: Beer Hunter Online

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