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GABF Notes: Delights from a brewery in hop country

GABF Tasting Notes: Oct. 5, 1998, Seattle, Washington

What was the best brew I tasted on the floor of the Great American Beer Festival last week?

With almost 2,000 beers to taste it was impossible to sample them all, but I did love the products from the little known Cirque Brewery of Prosser, Washington State. This brewery is not far from the hop gardens of Yakima.

One of its products is hopped entirely with a newish variety, Ultra. A pilsner style beer named Triple Mash Ultra had a wonderfully distinctive flavor. I also liked the very malt-accented dopplebock from the same brewery.

More reports from the Great American Beer Festival later in the week. Also from my tasting tonight at Cutter's Bay House in Seattle, where we will be sampling Mac & Jack's African Amber Ale, Maritime Windfest and an old favorite of mine, Leavenworth Friesian Pilsner.

Published Online: OCT 5, 1998
Published in Print: OCT 5, 1998
In: Beer Hunter Online

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